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Your privacy protection

These terms are valid from 25.5.2018.

Basic information

Your personal information is administered by our company

Stahlmann s.r.o.
Nábrežná 79
940 57 Nové Zámky
CoRegNo: 46946918

What personal information do we collect

If you order products or services from us, we collect mainly information that are marked as obligatory iin the order procedure. Obligatory information include those we would not be able to proceed your order, i.e. Your name, e-mail address, telephone number, delivery address and the subject of the order itself.

After the product was delivered, you may receive an e-mail with request to review the purchased product or our services.

If you contact us by phone or e-mail, your personal information mentioned in this communication will be proceeded as well.

Due to improvement of our services, personalization and marketing we use cookies and similar tools. You can find more information in this part Cookies.


Cookies are text files stored in your device. They can store whatever information, i.e. To remember that you are logged in on the web site or the content of your shopping basket.

The period while cookies are saved can vary and be different. Some of them delete right after you close the search engine window, other remain saved in your device for several days or month.

What purpose is the usage of cookies

Technical and functional cookies: provide safe functioning of our shop (i.e. to create clients account, log in or to put products in the basket).

Analytical cookies: help to collect information about visits, searching and moving on our website. Due to them we can improve our internet shop. All infomation included are anonymized. Using cookies we make use of the following third parties:

Google Analytics Address: Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland
Privacy information protection rules  Exclude using cookies

Marketing cookies: we use to provide you thecontent, you are interested in on our website and also due to showing advertisement based on your interests. Based on these information we can also display advetisement on other websites, if we consider them to be relevant for you. Using cookies we make use of the following third parties:

Google AdwordsAddress: Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland
Privacy information protection rules  Exclude using cookies
AdboostAddress: Riešenia spol, s.r.o., Mestská 10, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovakia
Privacy information protection rules  Exclude using cookies
OptimonkAddress: Webshop Marketing Ltd., 129 Kassai Rd, Debrecen, 4028, Hungary
Privacy information protection rules  
FacebookAddress: Facebook Ireland Ltd. 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour Dublin 2, Ireland
Privacy information protection rules  Exclude using cookies

How can you affect which cookies we will proceed

Usually the search engines have settings where you can delete chosen cookies or to ban cookies completely. But we warn you that in case of deleting or banning the technical or functional cookies, some of the functions does not have to work properly.

To restrict or ban cookies of particular partners you can use the tools provided on links in the charts above.

Legal elements to proceed the personal information

Contract fulfillment: in case of product order or other services provided, It is usually the invoice and mailing address or contact information.

Fulfillment of our legal duties: while storing your information or information about your order within our accountancy or while providing information to state or other institutions, providing supervision on our activities, or solving disputes or make decisions.

Eligible ineterest: while improving and personalizing our services and some of marketing activities. Based on eligible interest we proceed mainly personal information automatically and cookies as well. You can object this procedure of personal information on particular contact details mentioned in part {0}.

Agreement: to send business notifications or other marketing forms. Each agreement is voluntary and you can call it off anytime, which does not affect the legal status of proceeding before it was called off. You can manage the agreement within your account or you can contact us to exclude you from the recipients of business notifications.

Information disclosure to third parties

When product is delivered: to forwarding company we cooperate with. That involves the delivery address, contact information and in cases of cash on delivery also the amount to pay. The forwarding company is eligible to roceed the personal information provided by us only for the reasons of delivery of goods.

When data proceeded externally: to partners we cooperate with. The proceed the data for us, based on our instructions and according to these documents. Our suppliers follow all the necessary safety, technical and organizational measures, to provide required protection to personal data.

For analytical and marketing services: to our partners, providing us analytical and dvertisement services. They can use cookies and similar technologies to collect data about your preferences and using of our website. More information on these tools you can fnd in part Cookies.

Due to legal reasons: of state power institutions or other eligible institution, when it will be our duty to hand in all your personal information. In case of our law enforcement or legal defence, your personal data can be handed and provided to other subject (i.e. lawyer).

How long do we proceed your personal information

Personal information, necessary to provide proper services or fulfillment of our duties, we proceed within the period stated by particular legal regulations and according to them.

In case of proceeding your personal information based on your legal interest we save data unless there is a reason not to do so. Usually it is for the period of 5 rokov.

In case of proceeding your personal information based on agreement, your personal information will b e generally proceeded for the period of 5 rokov, or until the agreement is called off.

Personal information safety

We care about your personal information safety and we work hard to keep and store your information safe. We are trying to use such safety, technical and organizational measures that, taking the current state of technology, provide sufficient security and those applied measures are regularly updated. All the communication between your device and our website is encrypted. The database with personal information is protected against damage, destruction, loss or misusage. Your password to your accountis saved in hashed form, which provides that even in case of unauthorized acquiring of such information, it cannot be decrypted.

What are your rights

Processing your personal information results in some of your rights. In case you apply any of them, we will inform you about your demand/request within 30 days, since it was delivered to us.

To pply your rights, please send us an e-mail message or letter to contact information mentioned in the part Basic information.

Right to access the information

You can request us to send you the personal information review we keep saved and process about you. We provide information, whom we provided it, what purposes for and how long we will keep them saved.

Portability right of data

You can request us to provide you personal information we proceed about you, to send you in readable form.

Right to make corrections

If any of your processed personal information you think is incorrect you can request its correction.We recommend to execute information correction simply within your account.

Right to delete (forget)

You can ask us to delete your personal information. Deleting does not affect the information, we need to save due to legal regulations. At the same time we will inform other recipients of your personal information that you applied for the right to delete and they also should delete all your personal information, if that is technically possible with respect to technology and expenses.

Right to limited proceeding

You can request limited proceeding of your personal information in the following cases:

  • if you deny correctness of your personal information
  • if your personal information is being processed illegaly
  • if we do not need your personal infomation for the reasons offurther proceeding but you need them to proove, apply or protection of your legal rights
  • if you object to proceeding of your personal information based on our eligible interest

Right to raise objection

You have the right to object your personal information proceeding, done according to our eligible interest (see the information in part Legal elements to proceed the personal information), due to reasons concerning your particular situation.

Filing a complaint

If you think that processing your personal information is done illegallyin our company, you have the right to raise the objection and complaint to Office for personal data protection We would appreciate much if you solve such situations first with us. Get back to us and contact us on the details mentioned in part Basic information.